Education Finance Partners (Austin, TX; 2008)

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Shaking up a conservative industry through improved analytics, origination, and collection processes, EFP rapidly grew to become the fourth largest originator of private student loans. As a member of the leadership team, Phil created the technology strategy to support aggressive business goals and rapid growth.

Business intelligence was a key enabler of the corporate growth strategy, so EFP built and enhanced a sophisticated data warehouse which enabled the creation of credit models to support improved origination and more proactive collections and servicing. The result was a more profitable and higher quality loan portfolio.

With a goal to sell the company or to go public, Phil was part of a team that supported extensive due diligence efforts. When the frozen capital markets threatened our business, these efforts changed focus but increased in intensity. Despite the fact that EFP ultimately filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, this was an opportunity to demonstrate technology as a powerful enabler for business strategy.