Understanding Genetics: DNA, Genes, and Their Real-World Applications

Understanding Genetics

Since Teaching Company courses are designed for people with a wide range of educational backgrounds, they have to stay at a moderate level on most technical subjects, but Dr. Sadava did a nice job of complex material in a way that would be understandable and interesting to many people

From the course description:

We use it routinely to cure diseases, solve crimes, and reunite families. Yet we’ve known about it for only 60 years. And what we’re continuing to learn about it every day has the potential to transform our health, our nutrition, our society, and our future. What is this powerful mystery? It is DNA—deoxyribonucleic acid, the self-replicating material present in nearly all living organisms. Award-winning teacher, author, and cancer researcher Dr. David Sadava unlocks its mysteries in his new course, Understanding Genetics: DNA, Genes, and Their Real-World Applications. He guides us through decades of scientific discovery and the weighty implications for us, as individuals and as a society.

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