Understanding the Human Factor: Life and Its Impact

Understanding the Human Factor: Life and Its Impact

I would have titled this course “The history of food production and the domestication of animals.”  The course offers great insight into the relationship between civilization and large-scale food production – how it has helped us and how it is, now, hurting us. The professor is not a “tree hugger”, but he has an appreciation for the environment and animals, which is appropriate given that, in addition to teaching at Purdue, he is also a farmer.  Go Purdue!

From the course description:

In Understanding the Human Factor: Life and Its Impact, award-winning educator Professor Gary A. Sojka takes you on a journey through this fascinating story, surveying the remarkable innovations that transformed humankind into the sole agriculturists on our planet.

Over the course of 24 thought-provoking lectures, Professor Sojka draws on the latest science to offer a unique, multidisciplinary perspective on human life seldom available in a single course.

Bringing together insights from a wide variety of fields—including microbiology, genetics, archaeology, and sociology—Professor Sojka weaves a complex and remarkable tale, a fascinating synthesis of science and history that spans from the ancient roots of human culture to some of the most significant issues facing the modern world.

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