Thinking about Cybersecurity: From Cyber Crime to Cyber Warfare

Thinking About Cybersecurity

This was a good course that balanced the interests of a broad audience from those with only a fundamental understanding of computers and cybersecurity to experts.  For the cybersecurity technology professional, Professor Rosenzweig of The George Washington University Law School will give a new appreciation for some of legal and constitutional aspects of cyber issues.

If you are thinking about ordering the course, I do not think that video would add to the presentation – audio only would be fine.

From the course description:

Cyberspace is the 21st century’s greatest engine of change. And it’s everywhere. Telecommunications, commercial and financial systems, government operations, food production—virtually every aspect of global civilization now depends on interconnected cyber systems to operate; systems that have helped advance medicine, streamline everyday commerce, and so much more. Which makes keeping these systems safe from threat one of the most pressing problems we face.

There are billions of Internet users connected to one another, and every minute, these parties create mind-boggling amounts of new information and data. Yet because cyberspace is so vast, flexible, and unregulated (and because it grows in leaps and bounds every year), all these users are highly vulnerable to dangers from cyber criminals, rogue nation-states, and other outside forces.


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